A speck in the Universe

Political ads in my mailbox, political texts on my phone, political commercials on TV, political talk all day long. Yes, it’s an election year. Yes, we all have our beliefs and values that guide us as we decide who to vote for. Yes, we can agree to disagree without it impacting our health….or can we?

Too much focus on one subject can weigh a person down. It can cause angst and unrest in the soul as you grapple with the overwhelming conclusion that you can vote but it may not turn out how you want it to……which can spiral people into a deep darkness of depression if they feel that the politics/ideas/politicians are not representative of the nation. But here is some news for all of you who are up or down depending on the days news. All you can do is vote your conscience and if it goes your way – great. But if it doesn’t – continue working with grace and kindness in everything you do and in everything you say because we are specks in the Universe that can cause great change by being kind, thoughtful, empathetic and gracious with everyone NO MATTER their political beliefs. Because in the end, at the very end, when you know you don’t have much time left in this wonderful place we call home, you won’t be sitting or laying there thinking I wish I’d made this person’s life miserable because I don’t believe in their political beliefs. You won’t be thinking that vote in 2018 was the worst. You won’t be thinking about politics, candidates, votes, or big themes. You’ll be thinking of the ones you’ve loved, of the children you’ve nurtured, of the parents you’ve helped, of the stranger you’ve shown kindness to and of the life you have lived. And I hope that in the end, those children, the ones you’ve loved, the strangers you’ve helped will be there to say, “thank you – a life well lived.”

We are but a speck in the Universe. We are here for a limited amount of time. Looking at the bright side of things – and there ALWAYS is a bright side – will impact your life immeasurably moving forward. Things that you can do or remember to enhance your wellness year round:

1) Take a break from social media.
2) Do not post or share anything political – even with irony. People don’t get innuendos, double meaning, sarcasm on social media or anywhere. They tend to take things at face value which can impact YOUR health and wellness.
3) Be gracious to all – we all want to be loved and respected.
4) As you get older life becomes more precious – so appreciate it like you’ve never done before.
5) Remember you CAN change.
6) Don’t waste time on things you can’t change – you don’t HAVE the time.
7) Enjoy life because it’s short no matter what age you are.

Enjoy your time here because it will end before you want it to. You are a speck among other specks, trying to live and be the best you can be. Discard the problems of the world that impact your health and wellness, problems that will be here hundreds of years after you are gone. Seek wisdom, seek love, embrace and enjoy a life well lived from the moment you entered this world to the day you leave. A testament to a life well lived is what you spread every day. Don’t get caught up in the here and now. Focus on the big picture and seek health and wellness through grace, kindness and love each day.



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