About Me

Hi all!  A little bit about me – I have a Master’s in Health Education and I’ve been a  fitness instructor for over 35+ years!  I have been teaching yoga for the last 18 years and have taught all ages from kids to seniors!

I’ve also had the opportunity to train for a bodybuilding competition, along with the strict diet that comes with bodybuilding and the competition, which was an eye opener!

I am also a Mindfulness Educator.  I believe the power of health and fitness transcends all and is the key to healthy aging and a positive mind/body awareness.

I am constantly learning and these are some of my certifications past and present.  I’ve also been certified as a group exercise instructor, aqua aerobics instructor and senior group instructor.

Certified Personal Trainer – PT
Certified Yoga Instructor – CYT
Holistic Fitness Specialty Certificate
Pilates Specialty Certificate
Yoga for Personal Trainers

Your health IS your future!  Aging begins now.  It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond.  If you want to age with dignity and independence –  read, learn, ask questions, try new healthy habits and make a difference in how you age NOW.  Let’s make this journey together.  Peace.