Hello it’s me…….

I’ve thought about us for a long, long time……..and I’ve not had time to sit down, breathe, relax, and jot down my thoughts. Does anyone else have this problem as soon as the holidays start? I spent THREE hours shopping this morning and that was just to get groceries for Thanksgiving! I so look forward to the holidays when family comes to visit but the time leading up to it can be exhausting! I know everyone would pitch in to help if I asked but I’m not quite ready to give that up. I like sitting down and looking at new recipes to try, making up a menu and putting up the decorations. I don’t like grocery shopping, but then again, I’ve never liked grocery shopping….!

I need to slow down and take a page from my own book of advice and let other people bring things to the table. I need to sit back and enjoy the hodge podge of family and friends that gather with foods that maybe don’t go together but so what? I need to embrace that my Christmas tree has a mish mash of lights on it and is not the magazine quality Christmas tree but hey! ….it’s mine and my family will gather around it and we will laugh, talk, and enjoy our time together.

Isn’t that what holidays are all about? It’s not the picture perfect foods, the picture perfect tree, the picture perfect family. It’s about being with the ones you hold dear. You need to make the memories that you can hold on to for all time. You need to enjoy time with the ones you love and are connected to through blood and friendship. You need to not waste time on the little things and focus on the big things. You need to breathe, relax, enjoy and laugh with your family and friends. You need to be. Enjoy Thanksgiving in whatever way brings you peace, happiness, joy, relaxation and time with the ones you love. Peace.

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