The countdown is starting.  Soon it will be another year.  Before jumping into a new year it bodes well for emotional, spiritual and physical health to take time to reflect on what the past year has brought.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What did you accomplish?  What didn’t you accomplish?  Where were you at the beginning of the year emotionally, spiritually and physically? Where are you now in all three of those areas? Where do you want to be? In order to move forward, one has to look back, reflect, and make changes that propel you forward into the life you want to lead in 2019.  What will that be?  Here are some questions to guide you in reflecting on 2018 and contemplating changes that will impact your life holistically.


  1. Did you manage your stress levels?
  2. Did you seek and achieve balance in your life?
  3. Were you positive?
  4. Did you accept mistakes made by you and others?
  5. Did you take a laid back approach and embrace the wisdom of the words….”this too shall pass….”
  6. Did you accept support from others when you needed it and did you give support when others needed it?


  1. Were you compassionate to yourself and others?
  2. Did you seek love and give love?
  3. Did you forgive yourself and others?
  4. Did you participate in activities that brought joy to yourself and others?
  5. Did you feel fulfilled and did you help others feel fulfilled?
  6. Did you embrace and live your faith?
  7. Did you follow your beliefs and principles?


  1. Did you incorporate exercise into your life?
  2. Did you embrace good nutrition?
  3. Did you give up unhealthy activities such as smoking or drinking alcohol or other drugs?

It’s so important to reflect back before moving forward.  Find what works for you.  Embrace changes that impact your mind, body and spirit and pass those positive changes on to others around you.  May 2019 be your best year ever.  Peace.

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