Scary thoughts

Halloween is just around the corner. Costumes, treats, parties and more! It’s so fun BUT then we wake up days later and realize that we ate all the mini candy bars that were left over, gobbled down treats at work and started trying out new recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a slow downhill roll to weight gain by January and THAT’S the scary part of Halloween. It usually starts the two months of overeating for holidays unless one takes special note and consciously makes the effort to not go down that hill.

It is SO easy to overeat starting at Halloween and just continuing until New Year’s but there are steps you can take to help you focus on healthy habits that will put a stop to out of control holiday eating.

1) Mindful eating – what is this? Taking the time to prepare your food, taste your food, chew your food – think about the texture, taste and joy you get as you eat a particular food. Doing this will help you with portion control even when you choose to try a new treat that has been offered.

2) Meditation – how does this help? Close your eyes and visualize a healthy you. What this looks like for you will be different for everyone. Concentrate on your breathe and know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.

3) Exercise – really? Yes, we all know that exercise can counter excess calories but you have to pick something that you like to do or you won’t do it and all of the sudden the New Year is here and you’ve gained 10 pounds. So think about what you enjoy. Do you like to get outside? Do you like to exercise with people? Do you like cardio or strength or both? Do you enjoy a gentle flow? Or do you like variety? There is always something for everyone! Walking, Zumba, Weightlifting, Yoga! Try it all and find what suits you.

4) The power of No Thank You – why? Because when you say no to yourself or to others, you are in control. You are allowing yourself to make decisions on what is healthy for you and no one else. Practice saying “no thank you” in the mirror and be ready to use those three powerful words to take control of your health.

It’s easy to get sidetracked off our healthy eating plans but if you put in place the plans that work for you BEFORE you get sidetracked – your holidays and New Year will be really SWEET!


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