Taking it all on…..!

Have you ever taken on someone else’s stress under the guise of helping them? A friend asks for help and you jump onboard, hoping to help alleviate their stress but unintentionally taking it all on? Sound familiar? Are you one of the helpers? One of the yes people who continually say yes to other people’s dilemmas thinking you can figure it all out, save them and have it all wrapped up and tied with a bow, happy feelings all around?

Stress is a killer – no matter if it’s your own stress or stress that you are taking on for someone else. Stress comes in many forms and can happen in many places – home, work, friend circles, finances, you name it – stress can rear its ugly head anywhere and anytime.

So you need to pick your stresses carefully. You need to help when you can but know when to back off for your own health. You want to make sure you are supportive but also protective of your own mental and physical health – because let’s be honest – stress can impact your ENTIRE body in one way or another.

Whenever you feel stress I would ask that you step back, sit down, take a deep breathe and:
1) Identify where the stress is coming from. Is it from outside forces or inside? Is it your stress or someone else’s stress?
2) Build strong relationships so you have outlets to talk about your stress or to deal with others’ stresses.
3) Exercise! Exercise has a positive effect on stress levels in the body – regardless if it’s your stress or someone else’s stress that you are carrying around.
4) Sleep. Sleep is restorative. Sleep heals. Sleep allows the body to reset after each and every day – stressful or not. Make sure you are getting your 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
5) If all else fails and you have stress that is inhibiting the life you want to lead – get help. It’s important to reach out and look for help when you need it.

Whatever your stress and where ever it is coming from….learn to manage it, learn to let go of stresses that impact your health and learn to say no when you need less stress in your life. Don’t take on everyone else’s stress. Be a positive force in other’s lives but most importantly, be a positive force in your own and live the health, happy life that you are destined to live. Peace.





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