The best gifts this season

What do you want for Christmas? There are so many options! Amazon is selling EVERYTHING and little shops all over the country are trying to compete with unique gifts and fun activities for their customers. But what are the BEST gifts to receive?

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I love shopping for Christmas and watching loved ones open their presents – that’s my gift! But I also would be just as happy with hosting my family and friends and enjoying time together. That is just about the best gift one could ask for.

But of course there HAVE been gifts over the years that I’ve loved and still reach for……

1) A polar fleece robe for those cold nights in the winter.
2) Dark chocolate of any kind – although it doesn’t last long!
3) Time to sit, relax and sip some favorite tea anytime during the year.
4) Walks.
5) A special outing to a special place with a special person.

Now that I’m older the most important gift is time…..time to be with each of my children, my husband and grandchildren and time for me to enjoy life and what it has to offer.

Looking at the calendar I can’t believe that it’s a week before Christmas already! I thought as time went on and children grew up, time would slow down – but it doesn’t. It seems to continually speed up no matter what we do. So I’m going to try and enjoy each day by giving myself and others some of my favorite gifts. I hope they like them just as much as I do.

What is your favorite gift? What are you hoping for this Christmas? Enjoy this time of year whatever you give or get. Make sure you gift to yourself as well – gift yourself time to do something special, whether that is sipping tea, reading a book, spending time with a loved one or something totally different. Enjoy. Peace.

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