The Life vs Time Issue

This post is for all ages who are stuck in a mindset of what they should do or where they should be at certain time in their lives. We all read about it, hear about it, live it on a daily basis – plan, plan, plan for retirement! Plan for health insurance! Plan for horrible things that COULD happen! And sometimes those alarming headlines make us feel stressed, anxious, stuck in a never ending pattern of going to the same job every day in order to collect the paycheck that will help us towards retirement, help us pay for health insurance,and help us deal with horrible things that COULD happen. BUT at what cost is this never ending barrage of headlines doing to our minds, our bodies, our lives?

Who has ever said or thought about going somewhere, doing something, buying something, only to think I will do it later when I have more money? Money is a means to an end. It helps us pay daily bills but when it bogs us down by infringing on our TIME and when we allow it to be in charge of our TIME – that’s when health issues can occur because of stress and anxiety about money!

We need to take back our TIME and be in charge of the ONE life we have. That life is made up of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. Are we making the most of the time we have? We can always find ways to make a little extra money – whether that is cutting back on unnecessary expenses, finding a part time job, downsizing from a larger house to a smaller house, consolidating autos down to one instead of two, wearing an extra sweater and turning down the heat…..lots of things that can be down to find a little extra money BUT we can’t find TIME again. We can’t get the TIME back that we’ve used. We have no do overs in life. This is your life. This is the ONLY one you get. Make the most of it physically, mentally, socially and most importantly, presently – be present, enjoy your time, be in control of your time and live your ONE and only life to the fullest. Peace.

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