Winter to Spring to Summer to Fall

It’s been a tough winter for some.  Lots of snow, ice, and freezing rain makes for dreams of spring and summer days.  But can we be thankful for a moment and view winter days through a different lens?  The sun glinting off of the snow is beautiful.  The snow moon that is huge and so bright that you feel like it’s daytime instead of night. The ice enclosed trees that look like fragile glass statues. The howling winds that make for a great snuggle under the covers and read day.  Children playing in the snow.  Making forts and footprints.  These are the minutes, hours, and days that you don’t want to wish away.  I know that many look forward to warmer weather but in order to live life to the fullest, we need to be thankful for each and every day, no matter the season or weather conditions.

My favorite season?  I really don’t know anymore.  When I was younger it was summer.  I wanted to be out of school and enjoying long, hot summer days.  When I was older and raising children, I saw the seasons through their eyes and started enjoying all aspects of every season from snowy winter to muddy spring and everything in between.  Now I look at each season as a blessing that I’ve been given.  Another winter to enjoy.  Beautiful snow to look at and play in.  Rain that turns the grass green and signals springtime.  Hot summer sun that lends itself to lazy days by the pool and growing gardens.  Crisp air that brings apple orchard visits and the holidays that bring families together.  All of the seasons have something pretty wonderful to offer so I enjoy them all and make sure that I don’t wish away my days pining for a particular season.

If we aren’t aware our life can start to be on autopilot, where we start to count the days until our next vacation from work.  We count the days until spring.  We count the days until our favorite holidays or the days until something special that is planned. And although it’s not a bad thing to look forward to exciting activities or a favorite time of year, we do run the risk of wishing our days away when we do this.  We are so focused on the future and a specific point in time that we don’t really sit back and enjoy each and every day leading up to that future.  Doing this robs us of our days, of which we only have so many.  Each day, no matter what happens has something positive in it and one has to celebrate the little things, even if you are tired of the snow, rain, cold, heat, etc…..

Looking forward is fine but you need to make sure you are fully anchored in the here and now, enjoying your minutes, hours, and days NOW instead of looking into the future.  If you don’t guard against this, your future will be here sooner than you want and you might just regret not enjoying the days leading up to it.  So make those plans but enjoy each day because it’s a day that you never get back.  How will you make today count?  Peace.

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